Understanding the causes of obesity

Obesity is a common disease in today’s world. This is attributed to the fact that most people do not watch what they eat and will consume anything to keep hunger at bay. In addition to that, most people do not take a keen interest in watching their weight and will often opt to wear stretcher jeans so that it will still accommodate their size without noticing that one is adding weight. This article will try to elaborate on some of the causes of obesity to help one understand it and try to make healthy choices.


2Our bodies need food for the body processes to run effectively. One needs the best kind of food in recommended quantities and not just any food. When one overeats, the extra food taken is in turn stored as fats in the body. Regular overeating makes one to continually gain weight to the point of becoming obese. The nutritional guidelines provide a good way of understanding the kinds of food one should take. One should avoid consuming junk food but instead incorporate healthy eating in their diet. One should not be enticed by the cheap prices of junk food but buy healthy food even though they may be expensive.

Sedentary lifestyle

When one overeats and they do not exercise, they will end up being obese. For children, they should be encouraged to play outside and not stick to playing video games in the house. Adults are also encouraged to embrace every opportunity they have to incorporate exercises into their crazy time schedules. Some of the things to be done include using the staircase instead of the elevator, using a bicycle instead of the car and parking a few blocks away from the office among other things. One should also consider engaging in leisure activities that are energy intense as opposed to watching a movie or TV. One should ensure that they have physical activities to increase the usage of energy which would otherwise remain as stored fats in the body.


Whereas sedentary lifestyle and diet are a person’s choice, a person’s genes are no choice. One cannot determine their genetic makeup but are born with it already. If two parents to a baby are obese, then the chances of the bay being obese as well stand at eighty percent. Though the explanations may be complex, it is easily explained as the interaction of multiple genes combined with lifestyle factors change one’s genes making them obese.

Medicines/ illnesses

3When one has certain illnesses they may become obese. This is because some medicines used in the treatment of these illnesses increase the chances of one becoming obese. Some of these illnesses include genetic syndromes like Cushing’s syndrome, congenital conditions like hypothyroidism and even eating disorders like binge eating disorder. Those who have psychiatric diseases are also not spared. Certain drugs used in the treatment of certain disorders may also change the body composition which may lead to weight gain. Some of these drugs include antidepressants, hormonal contraception, insulin and even antipsychotics.

Dealing with obesity will involve a change of lifestyle like being physically active and watching whatever goes in one’s body through their mouth.


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