If you are one of those people who want to get to stop smoking weed, here are important tips that can make the quitting easier.

How to stop smoking weed

Make worksheets or a Journalgv26dt62wyd72uu28i29o2

The first thing you need to do is to create a journal or set of worksheets to assist aspects of weed in your life. Note down reasons for smoking weed, reasons for wanting to stop smoking, how the weed has affected you, what triggers your cravings to smoke weed, health problems, and other things you feel are important and need to be included. Keep in mind this is your journal.

Create a plan

You need to create a plan. We all know that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This is very true, especially when trying to break free of drug addiction. Quitting something that has already become a habit is not easy, and weed is no different. It will be a mental battle, and people who have a plan or a program to follow will succeed. This is because they were prepared for that battle.

Be busy

It looks easy and simple, and do you know what? It is easy and simple to be busy. Do something to be busy. Focus on your hobbies or projects such as building a dog house, organizing your house or office, organizing your files on your computer. You can also start jogging or join the gym, or playing. Doing something will keep your mind busy. In fact, anything will be better than smoking weed.

Reward yourself

Most peotg3ed7y27u28e92i92o2ple smoke weed as a reward for doing a normal task. The best way to stop smoking weed is to reward yourself with something good after accomplishing everyday tasks. You can order a movie, make a special dinner, or go out for ice cream.


We all have friends that do not smoke weed. So, why hang with friends who will make you smoke? If you learn how to smoke weed and still hang with your marijuana friends, you will not be able to quit. If it is a must to continue hanging with your weed friends, try hanging in public places where laws are enforced. Hang in places where they cannot smoke it.

Most people are unable to overcome weed addiction because they do not know what they expect after quitting. But by following these tips, you will learn how to stop smoking weed.